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May is Hearing & Speech Month

published on: Apr 22, 2014





The Elks & Royal Purple of Canada proudly continue to support early hearing detection and intervention.


Many of us take our hearing and speech for granted.  However, one out of ten children born in Canada has difficulty hearing or speaking.
Communication is a vital link between human beings.  In the young, hearing loss cuts a child off from normal social development.  Like many ailments, the sooner a child with a hearing or speech problem can be identified and start appropriate treatment, the better the resulting communication and social skills.
Through our ears we gain much of our information about others and the world around us.  Help keep the information flowing. If you suspect a child you know has a hearing loss or speech problem, contact a physician, audiologist, or speech language pathologist.
For more information, follow the links on our web site, contact your local lodge, or call the Elks of Canada at
1-888-THE-ELKS toll free (1-888-843-3557)
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